Ok, we have all gone the cheap route on things when we are trying to stretch our dollar a little extra. I am not talking about skipping avocado on your sandwich, I am talking about choosing the paper towels that tear the moment any tension gets on them over the quilted ones. But here are some things Idahoans refuse to go cheap on.


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    Low-quality hay is a no-go! You have to make sure those horses get valuable nutrients to make sure they stay healthy and capable of work. I swear farmers are more likely to make themselves go hungry than their horses.

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    You have to make sure your gun is reliable. Idahoans know that in a self-defense situation, that gun has to be able to work. So we don't go cheap on guns.

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    Fishing Poles

    Idahoans catch all sorts of fish. You don't want your pole to break trying to bring in a sturgeon (catch and release) or even a salmon that is trying to fight you. Make sure you have reliable equipment.

  • 4

    Toilet Paper

    Idahoans use toilet paper for more than its primary cause. Toilet paper is for blowing your nose and stopping bleeding from nicks and scratches, it is GOLD while you are camping. Never go single ply. I repeat, never go single ply.

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    I have noticed a lot of people around Idaho are pretty handy. When you are working on a project the last thing you want is for something to break. I don't care if it is a hand saw or sand paper. Make sure you get quality stuff.

  • 6


    Good meats or bust. Especially in this area. We have so many great options for high-quality delicious meat. As Idahoans, we may even be considered meat snobs because we know high quality and want nothing short of that. Falls Brand Bacon or bust.

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    Idahoans know good potatoes. If you don't have high-quality Idaho russets are you even eating potatoes? They are the best tasting, even if they are surprisingly hard to find in grocery stores around here.

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