Though many people will never admit it out loud, Idaho is the place that everyone wants to be. Celebrities own homes and property in our state, other celebrities just come to visit, and Californians can't get enough of the state's natural beauty.

Movies and TV Shows Filmed in Idaho

There have even been quite a few movies filmed in the Gem state including the cult classic Napoleon Dynamite and the star-studded Wild Wild West with Will Smith and Kevin Kline. Bruce Willis even filmed his movie Breakfast of Champions here in Southern Idaho. But, not all Idaho-based shows are meant for the big screen as there have also been a number of TV shows based in Idaho. We already know about a few of the more prominent ones like the Napoleon Dynamite TV show which only lasted for one season, but it was hilarious and definitely worth watching. A recent show, featuring a cast of Fred Savage and Rob Lowe, was The Grinder. That also only lasted one season but got Lowe a couple of award nominations.

TV Shows Filmed or Set in Idaho

Other than those two shows, I couldn't name any other scripted shows that were filmed in Idaho. But I knew there had to be at least a few since Idaho had been featured in reality shows like COPS, The Calling Hunting TV, and River of No Return. I found five other TV shows based in Idaho that I didn't previously know about. Check out the list and let us know how many of them you already knew about.

Idaho TV Shows

  • Spinning Out is the most recent Idaho show. It was released on Netflix in January of 2020 and by February it had already been cancelled.
  • Wayward Pines is a show that I had heard of but had no idea it was filmed here. This was also the longest running Idaho show but still only lasted two seasons.
  • Amazing Grace was set in Coeur d'Alene and starred the iconic Patty Duke but somehow only lasted five episodes.
  • A Year At The Top was a show that probably never should have happened. It starred Paul Schaffer, of the David Letterman Show, as a man who sells his soul to get a year of musical success. The show didn't last a year, just like Amazing Grace it was killed after five episodes.
  • The Manhunter is the oldest of the Idaho TV shows and it looks terrible. The intro trailer doesn't really give you much of an idea of what to expect, which could be part of the reason it was cancelled so quickly. Though with 23 episodes aired it did last longer than A Year At The Top, Amazing Grace, and Spinning Out combined.
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