Let's play a little game. In the movie, Napoleon Dynamite, Uncle Rico bought a time machine online. It didn't work, but what if it did?

If you remember, Uncle Rico had the year set to 1982, so let's go with that. What if you were in that chair and the machine worked? You're now back in 1982. What would you change?

FlatheadedGorilla via YouTube
FlatheadedGorilla via YouTube

I don't want to offer too many suggestions, because I really wonder what would come to your mind. But, I'll give you an example. Would you try to stop the commercial development along Blue Lakes? Would you try to affect water flow over Shoshone Falls so it wasn't diverted for irrigation?

I've created a poll, but please feel free to add your own answers. What would you change about Twin Falls if you could travel back in time? This should be a ton of fun.

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