Napoleon Dynamite

Unpopular Opinion: Napoleon Dynamite Was Not Good
I know, I live in Idaho and I feel like I am going to get in trouble for saying it, but the movie Napoleon Dynamite was not good. With the election why not get a little more divisive on things that are simple and fun. I stand behind my unpopular opinion.
Funniest Campsite Review
I will admit that I am easily entertained, but this video is one of the more enjoyable I've watched on YouTube in quite some time. There's a guy who reviews campsites that found one just south of Jackpot, Nevada and it's one that Uncle Rico would be proud of.
Idaho Facts On Snopes
It's sort of a twisted honor to be featured on Snopes. If any state can inspire potential hoaxes and crazy stories, it's Idaho. The scary part is most of them are true. Here are 6 times when Idaho was featured on Snopes and whether they were fact or fiction.