If you're looking to escape the Magic Valley for a truly unforgettable weekend with every relaxing amenity at your disposal to enjoy with friends and family, then booking a stay at an Airbnb approximately two hours northeast of Twin Falls should be an easy decision to make.

Tetonia sounds like a magical place, and for outdoor enthusiasts it is. The small community of roughly 300 people has the good fortune of staking a claim in one of the prettiest locations the Gem State has to offer. Every direction you look once pulling into town offers stunning views of mountain peaks, a lush valley, and Teton Mountain streams of cool, clear runoff.

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There's a mind-blowing property rental just a short drive east from Rexburg, Idaho, that is ideal for families or friends that want to bond and enjoy a rustic, frontier-period-style, off-grid experience. Tetonia is 220 miles from Twin Falls, and it's a trip that can be easily made for an overnight stay or an entire weekend.

My ideal Airbnb would offer a hot tub, billiards, and outdoor firepit. The Tetonia property has all of this, as well as an onsite saloon and wooden deck overlooking a lazy stream that are both accessible to guests. The cost for an evening is $300, and the Airbnb sleeps four comfortably and features two bathrooms, and averages to a mere $75 per visitor.

The owner does live close by but has made it clear from the website description that guests will have complete privacy. The reviews left by those who have spent time there are as good as it gets as well. The word, "amazing," is used often by past guests. The rental is also listed as one of the top stays in Idaho by roadaffair.com.

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