I've seen some charming rentals on Airbnb over the years, but there's one property roughly 100 miles east of Twin Falls that is the definition of romantic. How does a snowy, overnight stay in a covered wagon with nearly 360 degrees of mountains sound?

Airbnb has become insanely popular since the untraditional lodging website went live in 2008. I've personally never stayed at one of these properties, but I know people that wouldn't travel any other way.

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Southern Idaho is an incredibly beautiful region of the state in the fall and winter months particularly. There is an abundance of rivers, lakes, mountains, and other ideal backdrops in which to own a small piece of land, cabin, or home in the south.

One of the more unique properties I've come across online is a covered wagon rental in Bannock County that has been featured on multiple websites. Airbnb has it listed as a "Cozy Sheepherder Canvas-Top Wagon," and features several photographs that show the beauty of not just the converted wagon, but the natural surroundings as well that are less than a 90-minute drive from Twin Falls.


The surrounding scenery is enough for me to book a night, but the interior of the wagon is almost as impressive. There's a queen-sized bed, breakfast nook, storage shelves, wood floors and walls, and a pathway to a lounge area that has a spectacular view. The rental is listed as a one-bed, with a half-bath for two people, and is one of the more romantic listings you'll find anywhere.

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