Don't shoot the messenger. This is not my list. But, there are some travel experts that think our friends to the west are more beautiful than us.

The folks at Thrillist put together of the most beautiful states in the country and it's not all bad news. Idaho comes in at a very respectable #17 in this beauty contest. We get praised not only for our part of Yellowstone National Park, but the Sawtooth Mountains and our own Snake River get called out for being awe-inspiring.

It's when you start looking at the states listed above us where it gets dicey. I find it hard to believe that we're not as good-looking at South Dakota, West Virginia and Michigan. Really? And, Utah, how did you end up at #4? You're right next door to us, and yet you're 13 places better than us? How many Osmonds were given a ballot in this poll?

But, it's the state in the #1 slot that is likely to raise the most ire from Idahoans. California is listed as the most beautiful state in the country. What do you think about this? Is Idaho rated fairly or should we have been higher or lower on the beauty scale?

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