There's someone out there who does not appreciate our potatoes. I can prove it with a brand new list that ranks the US states based on their food.

Thrillist is the one to thank for this one. In the most non-scientific way possible (meaning they made it up), they ranked the states based on how much they like their food. They ranked Idaho at a disappointing #41.

Be prepared to get ticked off when you read why. There are two primary themes:

  1. They praise Boise food
  2. They make fun of the rest of us

Here's the end of their rational for putting Idaho at #41.

Something something potato joke

Some of the words they used in the rest of their Idaho breakdown, I can't even share here because of their not-niceness. Suffice it to say that they think Boise is uptown and the rest of us are a bunch of good-for-nothing hicks.

As for me, I'm fine with being a hick. We have better trucks.

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