Who says there’s no affordable housing in the Magic Valley?  I came across this fixer-upper while out joyriding at $4.35 a gallon.  I do it because somebody has to.  It’s located in Jerome County and a short drive to go shopping in both Jerome and Twin Falls.  Since you will be moving in as we approach summer, you can see you wouldn’t immediately need air conditioning.  There will be a steady breeze blowing through!

For any security concerns you may have, there’s also a fenced yard.

Other than the howling coyotes, you’ll have some peace and quiet.  There didn’t appear to be another soul within a few miles.

Prices Going Even Higher

I suppose you think I’m joking but for a moment consider some of the latest real estate news.  Click on this link.  Prices are expected to continue to rise.  Even as interest rates also rise.  This morning I read a story about investors turning to real estate as energy stocks and commodities are suddenly volatile.  They’ll continue driving up prices.  A friend lives in a depressed part of Upstate New York and he tells me they’re now seeing bidding wars on houses nobody wanted a few years ago.

It’s not just an American problem.  Check out this story from Canada.

A Shortage of Homes

Meanwhile, in Twin Falls, permits for new housing have slowed.  There is a lack of rentals and owner-occupied homes causing tremendous inflation in costs.

Will things soon get better?  Investors are showing us they expect prices to remain high and rise for a very long time.  It’s starting to remind me of an old song about the poor and debt.

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