Someone needs to make up their mind. Another Elko pizza place has been named among the best places in Nevada to get pie. But, it's different than the one that was named a few weeks ago. Life used to be so simple.

Truth is that I'm the only one that is confused. This is not a new phenomenon. Recently, Cool Beans Coffee and Ice Cream was named one of the best places in Nevada to get FOOD. Now, The Blind Onion has been named by Only In Your State as one of the best places to get PIZZA. Yes, cause pizza is so different from food.

Personally, I think both restaurants should be required to arm wrestle to determine who gets the food title because, as The Lord of the Rings taught us, there can be only one.

Personally, I would pick The Blind Onion anyway because they have a bowling alley right next door. Thanks Blind Onion, you just won the game of life (and food).

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