Winning stuff is fun!  Winning donuts...amazing!  However, not when you have to pay taxes on your donuts.  The IRS strikes again. has the details about Bob Choate, who won a year's supplies of free doughnuts from Shipley's Do-Nuts:

Bad: He received 315 coupons for doughnuts and coffee, each values around $3. As with all large prizes, he would have to declare it on his taxes. It turned out to cost him $237, even though as of last month, he had only used eight coupons.

Good: Lawrence Shipley, owner of the Houston chain, has offered to reimburse Choate for his tax hit. In exchange, Choate will donate the same amount to a charity of Shipley's choice. The Astros have apologized for the trouble, giving Choate a Jeff Bagwell signed baseball.

Although most people loathe the IRS...they will find you!!!! You've been warned....I could go for donuts.

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