It appears that my favorite childhood treat has recently undergone a chemical, as well as a packaging, makeover. I was so confused when I opened a recent package of this icy goody, that I had to eat one of every kind for dessert Monday night, just to reassure myself that everything was alright.

Otter Pops, pizza rolls, Atari, baseball cards, G.I. Joe and a bicycle basically sum up my existence from ages four to eight. This is the time period that I consider to be my childhood. My mother could never keep enough Otter Pops in the freezer because I would usually consume three to four daily.

My wife asked me the other day prior to going shopping if there was anything I wanted added to the grocery list. It was about 96 degrees outside at the time she was getting ready to leave, so I blurted out, "Otter Pops!" I'm not a really big fan of ice cream, so something like flavored ice has always appealed to me more.

I opened the box and removed an unfamiliar roll of white, individual liquid tubes. Apparently, the colored dye was removed years ago, and the see through plastic packaging is no more. When did this happen?

Next, I proceeded to try each flavor--one after the other--to see if they still taste the same, which they did. My wife began to oddly look at me as I cut the top off my third one in about 12 minutes. I started to feel like Chris Rock (aka "Pookie") in "New Jack City," as the flavored ice took hold of me. In case you're wondering, it's all about "Alexander The Grape."

There was a packaging change in 2017 apparently that I missed, in which a Reddit chat forum was started. One person commented, " childhood...that's an odd thing to randomly change imo." Well, it appears the wrappers have changed again, and they've gotten very wordy.

Thankfully, the taste is still spot on. They're just not as fun to tip upside down anymore and drink the melted juice out of. Otter Pops recently celebrated 50 years of cooling people off, and they've been working for me since the late-seventies.

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