The Big Idaho Potato Truck is back in action acting as an ambassador for what everyone knows Idaho for - spuds. This happens just about every year, but now there's a new twist.

First, here's the complete schedule for where the Big Idaho Potato Truck is going to be. It starts in the south and slowly works its way up the east coast, then through the middle of the country.

And, now for the weird part. You can know exactly where the Big Idaho Potato Truck is at all times. Their official website has a hookup with Google Maps to make this possible. If you've ever wanted to stalk a big red truck with a large potato attached to it, now is your chance. Don't tell me this thought has never entered your mind.

I must admit I felt a little creepy when I caught the truck stopped at what appeared to be a public restroom along an interstate. Ahem.

I have to wonder if this is in response to the Big Idaho Potato Truck going missing 3 years ago. No worries about that now.

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