I often skip straws when I’m dining out.  After all, I don’t use them at home.  It’s often easier to drink straight from the glass.

Blaze Pizza is getting rid of straws.  I’ve eaten there a few times (you can’t beat the place for speed and efficiency).  I also signed up for email offers (coupons.

In a message today Blaze made this announcement:

Something big is coming this year! Or in this case, something big is leaving. Showcasing our commitment to making intelligent choices for our people and planet, be on the lookout for big news that doesn't suck.

Now, a corporate decision doesn’t bother me one way or another and it may save Blaze a lot of money when it comes to straws, although.  What I believe is going on here is the decision to drop straws and save a buck is being painted as environmental concern.  Good marketing, I guess.

Also, consider Blaze Pizza is doing business along the Left Coast and it’s likely a head start on local governments making the decision for restaurants.

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