For southern Idaho Fourth of July revelers next week, there will be a bright, massive addition to the night sky that can't be purchased at any firework stand. Fireworks could very well be outdone by a familiar celestial body that's supposed to present itself in full, lustrous glory.

The Fourth of July holiday falls on Tuesday this year. This means those who planned right could very well be enjoying a four-day weekend. We can expect to see southern Idaho neighborhoods lit up by fireworks as friends and family get together to celebrate the country's independence.

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It's important to remember that only safe and sane fireworks are legal in southern Idaho. Any sort of fireworks that take flight and explode are illegal to set off and could carry a hefty fine for those caught using them. Next week, the moon just might very well steal the show as far as commanding attention from those who will be spending a great deal of time outdoors Tuesday night enjoying the crackling and hissing of potassium nitrate concealed in various festive packaging.

A Full Buck Moon is expected to present itself the night leading up to the Fourth of July holiday. Mars and Venus should also be especially visible for those who own high-powered, sky-viewing tools, according to

The weather forecast for southern Idaho is calling for warm, mostly clear conditions for this year's celebration, according to Please celebrate safely, and happy Independence Day ahead of time to all of you.

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