Boise just received a very big pat on the back. US News and World Report has ranked them as number 6 in the US for Best Places To Live.

What factors determine a best place ranking? Weather, cost of living, real estate value and commute time to name a few.

Boise was rewarded mainly for affordable housing costs and income tax rates. The fact that there are 20 bazillion potential outdoor activities nearby doesn't hurt either.

Personally, I'd give Boise at least 10 extra points for the BSU blue and orange football field. That was unfortunately not included in the US News and World Report ranking.

What cities are ranked higher than Boise? Denver is #1 followed by Austin, Texas, Fayetteville, North Carolina and Colorado Springs. Can I ask how in the heck a town in Arkansas is ranked higher than Boise? I think someone at US News and World Report has been partying a little too hard when they came up with that one.

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