The city of Boise is strongly considering a return of Amtrak train routes out of its former hub. It's one of the proposals currently on the city council agenda.

Boise's downtown depot hasn't seen departures by Amtrak passengers in more than 20 years, but that could change very soon, according to details shared by The city council is weighing plans to bring back routes to cities such as Salt Lake, Seattle and Portland. The state of Idaho currently operates just one Amtrak line out of Sandpoint, which runs to cities such as Chicago, Portland and Seattle.

Amtrak still operates on dozens of routes across the United States. The train line also carries passengers to several cities up and down the West Coast. In order to presently ride the line as an Idahoan aside from traveling north to Sandpoint, the other closest depots are located in cities such as Salt Lake City, Spokane,  Auburn and Sacramento, California.

As a Twin Falls' resident, it's exciting to think that we could once again leave our automobiles in Boise, and ride the rail to the West Coast. Traveling by train offers far more scenic advantages than flying, and would be a very welcomed service for those that have a fear of air travel, such as myself.

I hope the city council votes to restore the train line to its old glory. For fans of the railroad, I know the plan would get their vote.

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