The mayor of a southwest Idaho city responded recently on social media regarding a request to rename a road by an animal rights group.

The mayor of Caldwell, Garret Nancolas, recently took to his Facebook page to give his thoughts on a request by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' (PETA) request to change the name of a road that apparently lies just outside the city's boundary. The mayor called it a "truly unbelievable request."

Last week PETA contacted the mayor's office and voiced displeasure concerning a stretch of roadway called Chicken Dinner Road, claiming the name was a universal dis to fowl. One PETA spokesperson said the animals should not be thought of as just a meal.

Mayor Nancolas continued to drive his point home on a July 9 appearance on a FOX news program, according to details provided by In his Facebook post, the mayor responded to PETA's request by saying, "No way, no chance," and said he thought the exchange was a "joke" at first.

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