Southern California is home to one of the most bizarre properties you'll see anywhere in the world. A detached guest house was designed in the sixties that featured an elevator rail system that took family and friends 300 feet down an ocean cliffside to something that looks straight out of a Star Wars film.

San Diego is known for its surfing, nightlife, professional baseball team, colleges, and extravagant, oceanside properties. Visitors to a stretch of shoreline located 14 miles north of San Diego in an area known as La Jolla Shores have been gossiping for decades about a very unique structure built into a sandy cliffside nearly 70 years ago. I'm surprised Hollywood hasn't turned the story into a movie yet it's that eccentric.

The abandoned house is primarily visited by sea animals and beach bums these days.

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The "Mushroom House" as locals have been calling it since the 1960s was built by a potato chip tycoon who had a vision for a guest house that was unlike any other. The mostly concrete property was called the Bell Pavilion back in the day, and the owner's main house was located more than 300 feet above on the side of a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, according to a feature shot by CBS 8 San Diego.

The abandoned house is primarily visited by sea animals and beach bums these days. Graffiti has also become a major problem in recent years. I can envision how incredible it must have been to stay a night in the dwelling and enjoy spectacular sunsets and the sounds of waves crashing just a few feet beneath.

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