My newest neighbors are from California.  It’s where they last registered their car.  A husband, wife, two kids and a black lab.  They look like a model family.  I’m going to remind them to get Idaho plates on the car as quickly as they can.  It’ll save them some potential grief.

Walking to my car I had a memory of my dad’s old wood stove.

We get some mileage and fun by ragging on Californians and imports from the Garden State.  Most transplants I know are very nice people, however.  There is one intrusion from California making my life miserable in recent days.  It became very apparent Saturday morning.  Walking to my car I had a memory of my dad’s old wood stove.  It did wonders heating the house but there was always a lingering odor of charred wood.

Over the weekend I detected the same odor but instead of inside when I was outdoors.  I’m not alone.  A friend likes to go for long runs every day.  He’s in some distress this summer with the air being permeated by smoke.  He’s constantly reaching for tissues.

One of our local Sheriff’s Offices posted this link.  It shows an overhead view of where the smoke is coming from.  Most from California, which then skirts through Northern Nevada (where it picks up some debris from other burns) and then comes sweeping through the Snake River Plain.

To make things worse, it appears to be circulating in a spinning weather pattern.  Which means it’s right now bottled up in our portion of the west.

For a lot of people, smoke is a far more serious health concern than Covid-19 but you’ve never heard many demands for masking during fire season.

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