The Jerome Animal Shelter is hosting their Canine Carnival fundraiser this Saturday May 15th from noon to 5 pm and you can make sure your pup is well taken care of. Of course they love cats, but this event is for the dogs.

There is going to be $2 tacos, quesadillas and ice cream from El Sombrero. So yummy. And free Clif Bars and Pepsi products. There is also a fun bounce house for the kiddos. That is going to be free as well. It is going to be located at the Jerome ICCU park at 300 East Main in Jerome

There is going to be a free pet agility course, you can get your pup micro chipped for $15 and it will be a vaccine clinic. The vaccine clinic is by the Shoshone Veterinary Hospital and you can get your dog rabies, distemper and Bordatella shots. If you do all the shots and the micro chip it is $50, individual shots range from $10 to $35.

They are also going to have face painting and free balloon animals for the kids, or the dogs I guess if you want to see how that works out for you. A bake sale, a silent auction, a raffle, so much fun stuff to do!

My favorite part is they say "all leashed dogs and kids welcome". That makes me think you should put your kid on a leash, but that is none of my business. KIDDING! (kind of)

Would it be weird if I went there just to hang out with all the dogs? Maybe?

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