Dating has gotten much more complicated in recent years. It used to be people went out to bars and restaurants and engaged in conversation with strangers, and once in a while, something called a one-night stand would result. I'm convinced cell phones are responsible for bleak dating scenes in Twin Falls and throughout the world.

Next time you go out to the local Applebee's or any other upscale restaurant in the Magic Valley, just take a look around at the bar area and see if you can locate a single human being not staring down at a smartphone. Bars used to be goldmines for instant connections between a pair of individuals looking for a little bit of the naughty. Nowadays, people go to bars to check for hits on their online dating profiles when actual, single men and women are sitting within a few feet.

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I take my cell phone to restaurants all the time. I'm married with kids, it's almost as vital as an asthmatic taking an inhaler with them. Kids need constant visual stimulation so adults can converse publically. It's terrible to say, but it's the dead truth.

A recent trip to a local establishment got me thinking about the demise of the dating scene in cities like Twin Falls. I counted nine people seated around a bar, and not one had their cell phone down. Maybe most people are just over hooking up with strangers. The makers of drugs such as Azithromycin are suffering because of cell phone use in bars and restaurants.

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