The founder of Chobani yogurt has responded in a big way days after news broke that an Anne Frank memorial in Boise was the victim of a hateful act of vandalism.

Hamdi Ulukaya, who founded Chobani foods 15 years ago, recently donated $20,000 to the Boise Wassmuth Center For Human Rights after learning that a memorial to Holocaust victim Anne Frank had been the target of an act of hostility and vandalism, according to details provided by

Multiple items were placed on the Idaho Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial statue, located at 777 S. 8th Street, that contained images of swastikas earlier this week. The story has been picked up by news outlets across the United States.

Ulukaya is somewhat of a hero in southern Idaho. His many generous gestures over the years have made him a popular figure, and the Chobani factory, located at 3450 Kimberly Road, in Twin Falls, employs hundreds of area residents.

Boise has been a hotbed of protesting since Governor Brad Little announced the state of Idaho was transitioning back to Stage-2 of the COVID-19 reintegration plan on November 13. Mask mandates and modified business operations in defense of the pandemic have been viewed as an abuse of state power by some, which has even resulted in the arrest of protesters who gathered outside homes of certain individuals employed with the city health department.

No arrests have been made yet regarding the acts of vandalism, which reportedly took place Tuesday or Wednesday night. If you have any information regarding this act, please contact the Boise Police Department, at 208-570-6000.

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