I wouldn't call it likely, but it's definitely possible that the Northern Lights will be visible over Idaho on Christmas.

This is made possible by a massive solar flare that was ejected toward Earth during a solar storm. News.com and The Sun (irony) reported on this storm over the past day or so.

You are probably aware that a flare like this will cause the Northern Lights to be visible over at least part of the Northern Hemisphere. The tricky part is trying to predict exactly how far south you can see them.

One of the best websites I've found is Aurora-Service.org. Their 3-day forecast appears to show a peak sometime on Saturday, Christmas Eve, but even they mention that this changes all the time, so it's advised to check back at least once per day as they update it.

In Southern Idaho, we don't often get treated to this kind of a show. So, the possibility that it could happen over Christmas would make it very special.

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