As a newly engaged women, I must admit planning a wedding is a pain in the ass.  Everyone wants this and blah blah!  It's my wedding dammit and if I want to serve food from the dollar menu then I'll do it!  Actually a Tennessee couple did just that.  More after the jump.

Two couples from Tennessee actually entered into a contest to win a fast-food wedding!  Jennifer Walker and Noble Holden of Nashville were married Sunday morning at White Castle, which was temporarily converted into a wedding chapel and reception hall, and Todd Edison and Jaimee Baker of Dickson County had their ceremony in the afternoon.

Walker and Holden said White Castle was meaningful to them because it was an important destination when they first started dating, and Edison compared the whole thing to winning the lottery. Both couples were chosen from hundreds of essay submissions.

Wow!  Honestly, it's not a bad idea.  They'll never forget it, they won't need to pay for an announcement in the paper, and it's FREE!

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