Are you old enough to remember Mineral Hot Springs in Jackpot? I found some amazing drone video of the now abandoned place on YouTube.

RJ32 traveled to the old location of Mineral and captured some crazy 4K video of the many facilities that used to make up Mineral Hot Springs. Here's his description of what he found from his YouTube channel.

Abandoned Mineral Hot Springs in the Nevada desert. This location originally began as an old stage stop for the gold miners in the area, apparently, in it's day it was the place to go! This is where Jackpot's largest Casino, Cactus Petes started. At one time the property supported a small casino, dance hall, and stage with name entertainment. Supposedly the Son's of the Pioneer's played there at one time. There was a small motel, swimming pool and hot baths. The buildings are now in disrepair and one main concrete block structure is the main building that may still be salvageable.

As it turns out, the land that used to be Mineral Hot Springs appears to be for sale. It's 240 acres in Elko County that will run you a cool half million. Got any spare change laying around?

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