With the majority of area schools closed this week for Christmas break, there's an event on the College of Southern Idaho's campus beginning tomorrow that should appeal to Magic Valley dinosaur enthusiasts of all ages.

Southern Idaho is no stranger to dinosaurs. Montana Paleontologist L.J. Krumenacker is just one area scientists who has been credited with discovering dinosaur bones throughout the Gem State in recent years. According to his published findings, Idaho's southern region was home to several species of dinosaur millions of years ago.

The Herrett Center for Arts & Sciences is featuring "Dinosaurs at Dusk : The Origins of Flight," to begin their 2018 calendar. Dinosaurs at Dusk is an all-age appropriate, story and visual presentation of times in the Mesozoic Era.

The presentation runs all week, with more than a dozen showings. For more information, visit the event's main page.

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