For the past couple of weeks I've been hearing the word "inversion," being thrown around to describe the type of weather we are experiencing here in Twin Falls as of late. I'm finding the word mildly irritating as we get closer to Christmas Day.

As far as snow is concerned, I've always been just fine without it. Growing up in Los Angeles, where the average temperature during winter months rings in around 66 degrees, the idea of a white Christmas was about as far-fetched as a tanning salon going out of business in February. My first white Christmas was in 1993, when I moved 500 miles north of LA, to the Sierra Nevada foothills.

After last winter's christening here in Twin Falls, I have to say I find myself sort of missing the snow. I think the holidays have something to do with it. When I look out my living room window at night to the twinkling of our lawn decorations and potentially lethal laser lights, I'm finding that Nat King Cole and "inversion," make for strange bedfellows. The word is slowly chipping away at my holiday mojo.

According to Webster's Dictionary, inversion basically means a change from the normal. When I go outside and walk around--and breath in this stuff called inversion--it feels, and tastes, a lot like fog to me. Why not just call it what it really is, a change in seasons, which technically IS a change in the norm.

So if our paths should happen to cross before Christmas, please refrain from using the word. We can sit down, share a cup of coffee, and talk fog all night if you'd like. But as of today, I'm boycotting the word inversion.

And for heaven's sake, snow already.


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