I have a job for you. But, if you accept it, no one will even know you existed (much like my current radio show). You could become Idaho's version of the Men in Black and no, I'm not kidding.

NASA really is hiring a Planetary Protection Officer. Seriously. MSN first reported on this and I checked the actual NASA job listing. Here's one of the actual duties listed:

Leads planning and coordination of activities related to NASA mission planetary protection needs.

So, you're Tommy Lee Jones if this is the first Men in Black movie or Will Smith, if it's the other two.

The pay for this gig is good. You would start somewhere between $124,000 and $187,000 (depending on experience, of course).

Here's what's funny. I hit the "APPLY" button and instantly forgot what I had for breakfast. Give it a try. But, if you do, make sure you make the suit look good.

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