South Idaho police this week weighed in on the effectiveness of having doorbell cameras installed on properties as the busiest time of year for porch robbers approaches.

We all know the number of home burglaries and porch grabs skyrocket in the final month of the year. More and more homeowners are installing doorbell cameras to deter criminals from snagging packages left on porches by mail carriers.

On average, close to 10 million homeowners have packages stolen annually in the United States, according to information found at Since more than 50% of Christmas shopping is done online, December is the peak month for these types of crimes to occur.

This week, police in Pocatello admitted that these cameras are playing a key roll in helping to identify individuals who attempt to make off with front porch packages. According to a report shared by, the police department acknowledged that without this type of footage that catches thieves in the act, authorities basically have nothing to go on from the start.

The U.S. Postal service estimates 40 million packages to be delivered this holiday season. Websites such as Amazon already are offering big discounts on property cameras in anticipation of a surge in sales in November and December. recently listed the best deals currently found on such systems.

These doorbell cameras are also handy for catching footage of the occasional weirdo that happens to enter onto your property. From creepy clowns to doorbell lickers, these videos are often effectively shared throughout communities to raise attention to instances of prowling, like this one that took place in Twin Falls in 2018.

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