I've been driving in Twin Falls for many years, and I keep seeing area motorists making the same poor decisions behind the wheel. I recently researched the most missed driving test questions in Idaho, and it all began to make sense.

Ninety-nine percent of the questions on national driving tests are straight-up common sense. Most Gem State test takers shouldn't spend more than three seconds thinking about an exam question before the answer should become clear. There are a few questions that might give first-time test takers some problems, but for the rest of you that have been driving more than five years, there's no excuse for what I witness on Blue Lakes Boulevard most afternoons.

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Like every other state in America, Idaho has a practice exam people can access very easily online, but I don't think many aspiring drivers in the state are utilizing this free tool. You can't fault someone for failing a written test once, but if happens a second time, there might be cause for concern. The questions about automobile distances and high beams, and how many inches from the curb your wheels need to be when parallel parking can be hard to remember.

Uncontrolled intersections are definitely a problem in Twin Falls. The fact that the first driver to come upon an uncontrolled intersection has the right of way is a pretty basic formula. Instead, I see people enter them first and look second almost daily.

Turning your head to check blind spots isn't hard to do, and it's actually a test question that I'm guessing many takers are getting right on paper (computer monitors these days) but failing behind the wheel when it really counts. Finally, Twin Falls has a lot of alleyways, and drivers entering a street from an alley must yield to oncoming traffic. This rarely happens on the presidential street I live on in the city.

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