The cab driver ended up not pressing charges against a man who took off without paying for a taxi ride, a man who not only left his ID, but also his bong behind.

Police in Wilmette, Illinois say that earlier this month, 19 yr old Christopher Porter of Evanston got into a taxicab with another man at around 2:30am.

On the ride, the other man was dropped off along the way, with the understanding that Porter would be paying the total fare.  That’s when the hilarity ensued.

According to a report in the Chicago Tribune, Porter allegedly took off from the cab without paying.  The report also said that he left several items behind, including his ID, his bong, a time card with his name on it, and his keys.

The driver turned the items in to police, who used the items to contact Porter’s father.  Porter’s father then sent the youth to the police station, where he was promptly charged with marijuana possession.

Police said Porter also paid the cab driver back $15 for the fare, and $5 for a tip.

Here’s another tip for you…don’t be a dumbass!

By Chris Kai

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