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An expert in the field of psychology says that human beings are happier the earlier they decorate for holidays. This theory also backs a study that was conducted 30 years ago.

Psychoanalyst Steve McKeown says that the reason some people decorate weeks prior to holidays is because they are attempting to "evoke strong feelings of childhood," or "compensate for past neglect," according to a UNILAD story.

McKeown's beliefs mirror a 1989 study by The Journal of Environmental Psychology that states premature decorating makes humans more "friendly and cohesive."

I can attest for this. My wife--who by the way asked me this morning on my way out the door if I thought it was alright if she pulled some Christmas decorations out--is substantially more cheerful during the times of year where decorating is common practice.

So, if you are planning to go into your Christmas totes this weekend, eight weeks shy of the celebration of Christ's birth, then you will probably experience a longer lasting sense of bliss than most.

Happy decorating!


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