If I ever win the lottery, I want this. One problem: I don't play the lottery. Dang. Too bad, cause this Idaho sporting ranch is the very definition of epic.

It's listed as 6916 US Highway 12 in Kooskia. Yes, I realize that's not a realistic drive from the Magic Valley, but since this is dream world we're talking about, not concerned with facts.

I even found a nifty video tour of this place that many know as the famous Foxglove Ranch.

The Zillow listing lists the home itself as a modest 2 bed, 2 bath with only 1,800 square feet, but it's the nature/land around you that makes this amazing. If you gathered everything that is cool about Idaho and put it in a bottle, it would probably be something like this.

This paradise comes at a big price, though. Get ready to pony up a cool $1.3 million if you plan on buying. Too bad that I'm only about $1,299,999 short.

You can also dream at pics and info on the Sotheby website. Just please don't buy it if you're a Kardashian. This is my property if a bank ever drops bags of cash in my lap.

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