Oh, good. Here's something else our friends from Boise can brag about. There is a home there that is a real life fairy tale castle. Oh, and it could be yours, if you want it.

This "home" is located at 1700 E Warm Springs Avenue in Boise. I'm not exaggerating about the fairy tale castle part. Look at the pictures for yourself.

Did you notice the crown on the desk? Someone's been playing too much Dungeons and Dragons, haven't they?

According to Zillow and Sotheby's own site, this is a 5-bedroom, 6-bath "home". There's even another partial bath listed. I've never understood exactly what that means. Does that mean there's a toilet seat, but no actual bowl? Some mysteries just can't be solved.

The asking price for this castle complete with gargoyles (not kidding) is just south of $3 million. Missy Coman from Sotheby's is the listing agent if you'd like someone to lower the drawbridge for you.

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