First, I would like to admit a few things. This epic Idaho estate isn't close to the Magic Valley. And, it's not even close to affordable for most of us regular people. But, other than that, this might just be the most gorgeous Idaho property I've ever seen. It even has its own waterfall.

Oh, and did I mention it has a 25 foot waterfall?

The actual address is 5861 Perkins Lake Road in Moyie Springs, Idaho. Don't look it up on Google Maps because the distance from us will depress you. Instead, check out this drone video of the area.

It's listed as a 3-bed, 4-bath estate, but it looks so much bigger than that. I guess most of the space is taken up by the gourmet kitchen, huge living room area and other amenities.

Oh, and did I mention it has a 25 foot waterfall? I'm disappointed I could not find any pictures of that, but the rest of the views are jaw-dropping. There's even a huge barn for horses or your fleet of Porsches.

The listing agent is Cindy Bond of Sotheby's. I doubt any of us will take the time to make the epic drive to Moyie Springs since our bankers would pass out if we told them we needed almost $4.5 million dollars. But, we can dream. Dreaming is free, thankfully.

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