Text messages and emails began arriving before I was on-air.  Friends from the East Coast were voting before they went to work.  They shared pictures and stories about lines wrapping around entire blocks.  One friend, in remission from cancer, went home and planned to come back later in hopes the line would be shorter.

considering record early voting, where are they all coming from?

A friend in Upstate New York has been voting for 50 years.  He always votes at the same time on Election Day.  He spotted a line longer than anything he’s ever witnessed before.  Curious, I drove to my polling place in Twin Falls.  Same story.  At 11:15 A.M., Mountain Time and it was the longest line I’ve ever seen at the Reformed Church on Pole Line Road.  I’m not sure what it looked like at 8:00 A.M. but considering record early voting, where are they all coming from?

A friend in Jerome explained he encountered a long line.  Clearly, people have a lot on their minds.  And they’re willing to stand for a long time before voting.  This is just the latest “most important election in our lifetimes”.  Unlike the others, I believe it’s truer than ever before.  It’s about a fundamental choice.  Does the country follow Trump and his efforts to restore an America many of us recall from Childhood?  Or do we exponentially expand the welfare state, nanny government and blow up the debt once and for all?

This is quite an exciting time we live in.

The country is also benefiting from exceptionally clear weather on Election Day.  Not many raindrops falling in the Lower 48.

Normally, I make some predictions but I’m flummoxed.  This is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  The huge turnout and the polarized electorate leave me in suspense.  If you’re a godly person, pray.




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