Snake season is alive and well in Idaho. When it comes to these reptiles, I've made a habit of keeping as far a distance from them as I can, but one Idaho kid has absolutely no fear of snakes and has his own Youtube channel that backs this fact up.

While the majority of snakes found in the Gem State are harmless, there are a couple you have to watch out for. The Western Rattlesnake is one of them and carries a venomous bite that requires immediate medical attention. This species is the most common along the rocky edge of the Snake River in Twin Falls.

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Indiana Jones and I share one thing in common. The word hate is one of the strongest in any language, so to say I hate snakes might be a tad harsh, but it's pretty close to describing the type of fear I have of them. I've never been bitten by one, but the sight of them is enough to instill a level of anxiety in me matched by nothing else in existence.

One Idaho kid makes a habit of wrangling these devil creatures. RIPPIN RYKER is the title of his YouTube channel and he looks to be about 11 years old or so. When he's not riding his dirt bike he's doing something called "herping," which until today I had no idea what it meant. It's the habit or hobby of seeking out reptiles.

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