In a sign that the Bronx Zoo probably needs to improve its security, the NY Daily News is reporting that a female peacock (or peahen) has escaped from the zoo and is now making its way through the streets of New York.

Three Bronx Zoo staffers reportedly failed to rescue the peahen around noon on Tuesday before it flew off into the Manhattan wildlife

The peahen has since been spotted by local New Yorkers eating a hamburger outside the E. 180th St. subway stop.

"It's unbelievable. I'm shocked. I'm used to seeing chickens on the street - but not peacocks," an onlooker said.

Zoo officials, meanwhile, remain optimistic about catching the peahen.

"We'll get her eventually," said Nancy Clum, the zoo's curator of ornithology.

Today's report comes just weeks after a cobra escaped from its cage inside the Bronx Zoo. The cobra - which has since been found - became an instant celebrity, due in part to its fake Twitter account, which now has over 240,000 followers.

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