Twin Falls has no shortage of great choices for breakfast, but don't overlook these five Southern Idaho restaurants that are worth driving to from Twin Falls

Helens Cafe in Rogerson - 35 minutes from Twin Falls

You’re missing out if you pass up this little diner between Twin Falls and Jackpot.  The homemade bread and jam alone is worth the trip. If you blink, you might miss them... They're located inside the Sinclair Service station on the way to Jackpot


T and T Café in Hansen - 15 minutes from Twin Falls

Referred to as a five-star restaurant in a four-horse town on Yelp, TNT Café is Hansen is just the kind of place you want to find on any road trip.  If you go there, order a cinnamon roll. They are gigantic and delicious.

Western Café in Gooding - 40 minutes from Twin Falls

The Western Café is a local favorite that cranks out some of the best breakfast in Southern Idaho.  And the service is super-friendly… It’s all smiles at this family owned restaurant.


Sophie’s Chatterbox in Rupert - 50 minutes from Twin Falls

This little restaurant in Rupert has only been around for about five years and has made quite a name for themselves.  Featuring popular breakfast staples like the Bad Ass Omelet, you can’t go wrong.  And with a bakery in the back, you’re getting the freshest breads and huge scones with maple frosting.


Old Home Cooking and Crafts in Buhl - 22 minutes from Twin Falls

No gimmicks here.  Just simple, homemade breakfast done right.  If you like chicken fried steak, make a note of this place. It’s easily worth the 20 minute drive from Twin.

Do you know of any out-of-the-way breakfast places that are worth driving to from Twin Falls? Just email the author so we can spread the word.

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