With a number of new construction projects currently taking place in Twin Falls, there has been a good deal of chatter about what stores or shops might be occupying these sites. We've already been informed as to what a couple of the businesses are, but for other sites, it still remains a mystery.

Its always made me chuckle to myself how those in the know consider new business openings to be top secret information. These details shouldn't be kept in secrecy from the public. It's my opinion that you should want to get the community excited sooner than later, instead of treat such information as if they are the contents of Marcellus Wallace's briefcase.

In the past couple of weeks, we've (Magic Valley residents) learned about two new businesses being built near the Twin Falls Visitor Center. One is an eatery, and the other will serve sweets and drinks.

A Nerf gun arena has also recently opened in Twin Falls, for those that hadn't yet heard. Another recent development is that Sephora is leaving the Magic Valley Mall in early 2022. I wonder what could be moving in their current space...hmm. Whatever is coming, one of the Sephora managers described it to my wife weeks ago as something that people are going to be excited about.

Could it be that Twin Falls is getting a Gap Inc.? Like so many other businesses, they are slowly rebounding from a harsh 2020. And after making the recent announcement that they are not splitting from Old Navy, shares of Gap Inc. have been on the rise, according to details shared by CNBC.com.

Despite the fact that Gap. Inc closed a number of locations in 2019 and 2020, it's not completely unheard of that they might be expanding to the Magic Valley. It could also be that the company is looking to hire for one of its many retail stores, and not necessarily The Gap.

I even came across information online that states the company is hiring for positions in Twin Falls. The listings for a brand and retail associate are identified as positions soon available in Twin Falls, and were posted just three weeks ago. I suppose the information could be inaccurate, or maybe not. It could also another store that is owned by the same company, for instance Old Navy, might be making a return. We'll have to wait to see.

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