You may want to sit down for this one: Apparently, Gene Simmons understands that he has occasionally been guilty of treating the women in his life with something less than total respect.

Simmons, whose notoriously oversized ego and pugnacious public persona has made him a frequent target as well as a rock legend and reality TV star, recently found himself on the morning TV show Daybreak discussing his marriage to longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed, and he made no bones about why it took them 28 years to tie the knot.

“I will speak for myself, I can’t speak for all men,” explained Simmons. “I’ve been arrogant and selfish all my life, thought I could have my cake and eat it too and didn’t want to ever answer, ‘Where are you going?’ Where am I going? Who wants to know?”

The Kiss bassist went on to praise Tweed’s patience, saying, “Shannon has been with me for 28, almost 29 years this August and has put up with my crap. For her to stick around and put up with all that, and she knows everything, she knows where all the bodies are buried and all that.”

The most important lesson for Simmons is one he ultimately wants to share with his male fans: “This is a question for all those guys out there, imagine you’re on your deathbed. Who do you want around your deathbed for that last breath of air? If you want the woman you love and your children, then don’t wait before you die. Love them and be good to them while you’re alive.”

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