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Gooding County Commissioners are the latest in getting proselytized about wind power.  The Bureau of Land Management is offering a Monday morning briefing.  It’s at 10:30 a.m., but by the time many of you read this, it will be finished.  The latest proposal for giant pinwheels on our southern Idaho landscape is what's called the Taurus farm, being proposed for Gooding County.  Minidoka, Jerome, and Lincoln Counties have been dealing with the Lava Ridge project for two years.  Public opposition is intense.

Last week, Twin Falls County Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution opposing the Salmon Falls wind farm in southern Twin Falls County.

We have individual opposition to Lava Ridge from the Lincoln County Commission.  I expect you’ll soon see it become unanimous.  Jerome and Minidoka Counties as well.  Gooding County is a newcomer to the process.  Look, I don’t fault the commissioners for hearing all the arguments.  But once that’s finished, expect a resolution in opposition.

BLM may not need the permission of any county government, however.  Opposition isn’t just widespread across the usual political divides, it’s intense.  Perhaps the greatest resistance to government policy we’ve seen since the Sagebrush Rebellion.

Oh, and a lot has changed over the last two weeks.  The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that one government agency couldn’t rule by decree.  From what I’ve read of the decision, this applies to all three- and four-letter government agencies.  For the first time in decades, the pendulum has swung in favor of citizens.  Let’s not let it slip away.

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