If spending an afternoon riding all-terrain vehicles and searching for beautiful stones such as Jasper sounds like a good time, those in Twin Falls only have to travel 20-minutes to take part in both of these incredibly fun hobbies.

Rockhounding is a hobby enjoyed by many in my family. My wife's relatives in particular have been collecting Idaho stones for decades, and between all of them, they have enough to open their own rock shop. In fact, my mother-in-law did run a mineral and collectible shop in downtown Twin Falls for a number of years back in the nineties.

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Personally, I don't collect semi-precious or precious stones, but I did go out and buy a metal detector in 2020 and have taken my young son out a few times in the Magic Valley. Much like an Idahoan that seeks big game, it's the thrill of the hidden treasure hunt that appeals to me.

Gooding County has vast recreation sites that are run by the Idaho Bureau of Land Management (BLM) which are said to be prime hunting grounds for Jasper in particular. The sand and banks of Clover Creek is said to be full of these beautiful gemstones. The website Idahooutdoors.com has pinpointed the precise locations where Jasper and other stones are likely to be dug up.

This area of Gooding County has some great trails for ATV enthusiasts as well. Remember to pack your rockhounding supplies and plenty of water. The region is made up of mostly desert landscapes, and the summer months can be brutal without shade in southern Idaho.

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