I would say "I told you so", but my wife has taken my permission away from doing that. But, a few weeks ago, I called out the Grand Tetons as one of the best fall drives. Now, a national website has also recognized the park as one of the most outstanding areas to view the changing colors this time of year.

Thrillist listed the best places in the entire country, not including the obvious New England states. Sure enough, Grand Teton National Park ranked among the best. The reason the Tetons made the list is interesting. Basically, it seems they were given bonus points for having an airport in Jackson Hole.

Fun fact: Grand Teton National Park is the only one in America with a commercial airport operating within its borders.

As for me, an airport is not exactly a good reason for ranking high on a list like this. I understand that accessibility is nice, but how about those awesome 3 peaks that are almost unmatched in their beauty combined with the amazing tree color below?

No matter, I'm thrilled that Grand Teton is finally being recognized as a great fall place. And, no, I will not say "I told you so". But, I told you so.

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