Actor Nick Nolte Arrested For DUI
The California Highway Patrol, Getty Images

I recently read an online write-up about the best movies ever shot in their respective states. I have to say, I disagree with the film this particular author argues is Idaho's cinematic claim to fame.

The Thrillist isn't the first website to name Napoleon Dynamite as the Gem State's greatest achievement in film making. Upon scrolling through a list of celebrity birthdays this morning, I came across the name Nick Nolte. Nolte is 76 years old today, and not a stranger to Twin Falls.

The above picture was taken in 2002 following a DUI in California. What I want to know is, did police pull him out of a vehicle that day, or out from the eye of a tornado.

In 1998 filming began in Twin Falls on the movie "Breakfast of Champions." It stared Nolte, Bruce Willis and Omar Epps, to name just a few. The film was loosely based on the book "Breakfast of Champions," by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. Vonnegut himself was later quoted as saying the adaptation was "hard to watch."

There's no doubt Napoleon Dynamite was a funny movie, but it was filmed in Preston, and starred John Heder. Whereas "Breakfast of Champions" was filmed right here in Twin Falls, and had an all-star cast. So, since we outnumber Preston by 40,000 people and boast two of the planet's coolest landmarks (Perrine Bridge & Shoshone Falls), I'd chose Breakfast of Champions all day long as Idaho's top film shot within state lines. And let's face it, neither movie had a shot at greatness from the time filming started.

On a side note, my wife met Nick Nolte while the film was being shot in Twin Falls. Apparently, he stumbled into a dance class my wife was participating in one afternoon while checking out the city.

Please feel free to share your comments if you remember anything about this movie being shot in Twin.

Below is a clip from the movie. Is it just me, or was the car lot footage in this clip shot at the current location of Rob Green Buick? I believe it was.


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