Experts in the field of geology are saying that the summer of 2023 could be one of the most lucrative on record for enthusiasts of gold panning. Following nearly six months of heavy rain and snow in the Gem State, those who aren't familiar with the process of searching river shorelines for gold may want to educate themselves fast.

I'm a huge fan of treasure hunting. The first Indiana Jones film got me hooked. I'm absolutely addicted to reality shows like The Curse of Oak Island that follow the lives of treasure seekers.

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I own all the equipment needed to find gold in Idaho. My pan and shovel are sitting in the garage ready to load up in the truck as soon as the weather clears up enough to hit the nearby rivers.

Those in the know when it comes to mineralogy are saying that the mountain runoff will be so strong this summer that huge amounts of gold that have been entombed in rocks and clay pockets will likely be jolted free and will be sitting on river banks just waiting to be found; some are saying 2023 could be a "new gold rush."

Gold panning is one of the least expensive hobbies a person can pursue. For the cost of about $50, someone can purchase all the materials needed to round up a small fortune worth of Idaho gold along the Snake River this spring and summer.

Good luck Idaho gold seekers! Be careful out there.

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