We have so many beautiful lakes in Idaho. The scenery around them is often spectacular. This is especially true of Stanley Lake and the mountains around it. But, what I find interesting is what you find under the water. I have no scuba gear, but that doesn't mean I can't find out what lies on the bottom thanks to the Internet.

Scuba Idaho recently did a dive at Stanley over the 4th of July weekend. Some things they found were not a surprise. You expect to see quite a bit of silt, etc. But, I found it odd that they found so many pine trees and very few large fish.

If you're new to southern Idaho, Stanley Lake is an easy weekend trip to the north.

Stanley Lake, Google Maps
Stanley Lake, Google Maps

There is a good reason why so many people on TripAdvisor rave about Stanley Lake. It is not to be missed - either above and/or below water.

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