It’s a pretty basic rule of nutrition that eating chicken is good for you, and eating the fifteen different types of road kill that go into a hotdog is bad for you.  Well…maybe, just maybe, that’s not totally true.

–According to a new study out of Kansas State University, on some level, hotdogs might actually be better for you than chicken.

–The reason?  Hotdogs tend to have almost no carcinogenic compounds called HCAs.

–HCAs are found in some meats that are fried or grilled at high temperatures.  If you eat too many HCAs, it’s possible that you increase your risk of stomach, colon, and breast cancer.

–Hotdogs have almost no HCAs.  Pepperoni and deli meat are also very low.  Fully cooked bacon has a few . . . and rotisserie chicken has a LOT.  Most of them are concentrated in the chicken skin.

–Chicken has other benefits, though, that hotdogs don’t . . . like WAY more protein.

–And you don’t really have to worry about HCAs TOO much unless you’re eating a TON of fried and rotisserie chicken . . . and possibly wrapping it in bacon.

-Plus, hotdogs contain more sodium nitrate, a preservative that’s usually found in processed meat like hotdogs, bacon, and deli meat.  And consuming too much sodium nitrate can contribute to cancer.  So…I guess there’s always vegetarianism?  No – just kidding.  Vegetarian is not an option…

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