To answer my question above, evidently, very difficult!  However, maybe it's a sign of the times.  Do you hate mailing things?  Or what about actually talking to people on the phone?

My complaint is directed completely at my family.  You see, my fiancé and I took a whole lot of our time, creating wedding invites.  We even went as far as putting a return stamp on every single reply card.  Yet, nearly half of the invites have still NOT been sent back.  I only hope my invitees, steamed off those stamps and at least used them.  I'm cheap.

As angry as I am, I can admit that I too hate mailing things, yet I love getting presents sent in the mail.  Guess I'm just shallow.  What about calling people on the phone?  I have always hated talking on the phone.  Don't call me!  Text me, Facebook me....

Am I alone on this?  What would you rather do?

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